We Plan, Execute and, Assess the Learning Process

Course Management

Content Friendly

Build courses by re-using your best content by importing useful material like presentations and videos you already have or from other web platforms.

Course Builder

Use our course builder to create engaging virtual classrooms and self-paced courses. Control the users access your course content, also define the course completion conditions.


Test your users with our multiple types of quizzes, practice tests and variety of test types with extensive reporting on test results. Put their gained knowledge to the test with our online exams.

Choice of Language

Choose one from our list of languages based on preferred learning style for virtual classroom and self-paced courses.

File Repository

Store all your files in one place that were uploaded while building the multiple types of courses. Organize and reuse them on different courses and share them with selected users.

Course Reminders

Allow users to receive automatic notifications and emails for enrollment into courses, their learning activities, missed deadlines and course completion.

Learning Delivery

Virtual Classroom

For live online training, use our virtual classroom type course with a built-in video conferencing tool. Teaching in a virtual classroom provides ultimate experience for both trainer and trainees.

Self-Paced Learning

With self-paced courses, let users set their own schedule instead of working within a structure that was set by trainer.


Enable gamification for learners where they can collect Points, Badges, move up levels and can feature on leaderboards.


Issue certifications that are valid for a predefined period of time. With our automated course certification process learner will receive it just after the course completion.

User Management

Manage users within different departments or groups with an easy import system and nominate a manager for each group.

Self Registration

Let your users register themselves for a course or group. Uploading of users is not required.

Enterprise Ready

Skill Gap Testing

Close your skill gaps of your employees with our skill gap tests and analysis. Ensure that your skills are aligned with business objectives for best results.


Segment your learning environment in hierarchy. Each branch is like a separate skill and user group.


Work over a secure learning management system. Enforce strong passwords, two-factor authentication, registration with specific domains and IP whitelisting.


Integrate this learning management system with hundreds of third-party applications and services.

24*7 Live Support

You will be assigned a dedicated customer success manager. You can reach us through live chat or contact us via email.

Tracking & Reporting

Track Progress

Track progress of a course or an individual learner in Krademy LMS and understand the ways in which they could improve their learning.


Produce custom reports on users, departments, skills, courses etc. that sets your organization up for success.


Evaluate results of your employees to Quizzes, Practice tests and different types of tests and evaluate how your learning options are effective.



Let users be subjected to your brand by customizing your own domain, logo and communication emails.


Use customized themes to change the look and feel of your LMS portal. 


Our Krademy LMS is compatible with all modern browsers and can be installed easily on most Linux and Windows distributions.


Scale your training by design, built to match your organizational structure and adapt to all workforce sizes LMS.

Web Standards

Developed on the latest technologies and modern web standards. Thus, helps you achieve the goals from the training.

See How Krademy Lms Can Help You to Achieve Your Training Goals!

A complete assistance to deal with the training process of the whole organization.

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