Learning Management System for Effective Enterprise Training

  • With Krademy LMS you can

    • Automize Training Process

      Pre-scheduled delivery of the course that eases the training process.

    • Optimize Employee Productivity

      With LMS, employees can develop skills that lead to increased productivity.

    • Track Learner's Performance

      The tool allows an in-depth analysis of the learner’s progress.

    • Conduct Large Scale Trainings

      Training can be provided to unlimited trainees simultaneously.

    • Develop Skills of your Employees

      Create customized courses to hone specific skills of your employees.

    Krademy LMS Features

    Self-Paced Learning

    With self-paced courses, let users set their own schedule instead of working within a structure that was set by trainer.

    Virtual Classroom

    For live online training, use our virtual classroom type course with a built-in video conferencing tool. Teaching in a virtual classroom provides ultimate experience for both trainer and trainees.

    Announcements & Reminders

    Authorized users can create announcements & reminders for new assignments, course deadlines, current training status and forum posts.

    Smart Security

    The application comprises significant security features such as smart password validation and restricted access to the application by using specific IPs and domains.

    Smart Reporting and Tracking

    Monitoring and sharing reports on crucial parameters such as course completion, tracking drop-rate, department-wise progress and performance of trainees.


    Gamify the learning process for enhancing user-experience by incorporating leaderboards, competitive levels, rewards, and badges.

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    Why Do Organizations Need

    Learning Management System?

    With LMS, keep all your resources together in a single place to ease the process of training people on large scale in a single go


    Organizations gain competitive advantage


    Businesses received Higher Profit Margins


    Increase in Employee Productivity


    Global Fortune 500 companies using LMS

    See How Krademy Lms Can Help You to Achieve Your Training Goals!

    A complete assistance to deal with the training process of the whole organization.

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